Common Suzhou machining process

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Common Suzhou machining process

To choose a product or service, you must understand the processing, service, quality and other aspects of Suzhou machining.

   I will talk to you about the common Suzhou machining process today, and I will introduce the Suzhou machining process below. Everyone knows that to choose a product or service, you need to understand the processing, service, and quality of Suzhou machining. Suzhou Machinery Processing

Commonly used machining processes are: five-axis machining, ceramic machining, chemical CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, electrical discharge machining, CNC titanium, emergency construction/field machining, casting machining, grinding, finishing (micro machining), plastic machining, turning machining Wait. Phonograph, wire processing, Swiss car processing, etc. Understand the processing technology of cast aluminum parts. Generally speaking, casting parts need to be refined, and some casting methods (such as die casting and die casting) are more accurate than other casting methods, but there are always some dimensional tolerances or geometric shapes that cannot be directly manufactured. Usually, OEM or other end users will provide castings to the machine shop, complete the processing and return to the OEM. Some workshops specialize in precision castings.

   The above is the content of the common Suzhou mechanical processing technology, provided by Wujiang Chenshi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company has always followed the standardized management and the production and service policy of putting quality first, providing customers with assured and satisfactory products and services of Suzhou machining.

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