About us
About us

Suzhou Longen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Mainly engaged in mechanical repair, chemical nickel plating on alloy surface, aluminum oxide, electrophoretic paint, etc.

Win-win cooperation, quality first, reputation first, service in place

After continuous struggle and training, Longen Machinery has formed a stable industrial chain integrating precision forging, precision machining, and surface treatment (Ni-P plating). The company adheres to the concept of "cooperation and win-win, quality first, reputation first, and service in place" to provide customers with the best quality service and the most satisfactory products. We believe that with the company's abundant human resources, strong corporate strength, effective advanced management concepts and perfect quality assurance system in after-sales service, Longen will surely become an excellent benchmark in the industry.

Our advantage

Rich Experience

Twenty years of experience in the field of precision forging processing

Top Quality

Control every process. Adhere to quality as the core

Preferential Price

Provide you with the most high-quality and cheap products

Awesome Services

Attentive customer service makes you feel at home and comfortable


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Common Suzhou machining process

To choose a product or service, you must understand the processing, service, quality and other aspects of Suzhou machining.

Talking about what aspects of machining will lead to steel deformation

In the development of mechanical processing, due to various mechanical processing deviations or other production and processing staff operating errors, it is easy to cause deformation of steel parts.

The website of Suzhou Longen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is online

Suzhou Longen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located on the west side of Xiangcheng Avenue opposite the Fenghuangjing Village Committee of Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City. It i...

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